Selling Real Estate

Since 2019, the Oymo company has specialized in selling real estate and this service was limited to Turkish cities such as Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Ankara and Alanya. But now, in Turkey, United Arab Emirates (Dubai) and Cyprus, using experienced experts, Oimo company is standing next to those who are willing to invest in this field, and our goal is to make a successful investment experience for respected investors. let’s hit The sales experts of Oymo company, using their experiences and updating the new news in the laws of buying and selling real estate, always try to provide the best offers to their customers, and at the same time, all offers are always based on references and statistics. It has been, so the respected investor can focus on his investment in real estate with a broader and more accurate view, with a more relaxed imagination. The goal and vision of Oimo company is not to sell property, and by the way, we try to get benefits such as trust and success in investment with each sale.

Obtaining Turkish passport and citizenship

Due to the unique reception of our dear compatriots, Oimo Company has tried to make all the steps easy for investors by using experienced lawyers in obtaining passports and citizenships. Our lawyers, with the knowledge of the latest Turkish passport and citizenship laws, have been a good guide and guide for our clients so that the respected investors have a good experience from their investment. Obtaining a Turkish passport is currently possible in several ways, the most popular of which are:
1- Obtaining a Turkish passport through work and
2- Obtaining citizenship by buying a property in Türkiye
3 – Obtaining a passport through company registration
4- Obtaining a Turkish passport through investing in Turkish banks
5- Getting a passport through marriage with a Turkish citizen

After Sales Service

We at Oimo believe that we are with our customers like a friend, and this friendship does not end with the sale of the property, and this is the beginning of a lasting friendship between us and you. Therefore, in the post-sale stages, our customers will not feel alone and we will be by their side until they reach a stable situation.